Our story

     The ancient art and artistry of silver, part of Jewish tradition since Biblical times, lives on today in the singular works of Netafim 55, Israel’s most renowned and respected manufacturer of Judaica.  Born in 1914 to a family of silversmiths, founder Shimon Nataf of blessed memory learned his craft as a child. As time passed, he became recognized as one of the foremost silver artisans – among them official silversmiths to the Royal Court.

     Immigrating to Israel with his family in 1947, Shimon Nataf begged his sons to follow their father’s footsteps, teaching them the exacting and demanding craft of candelabra, kiddush cups, spice boxed, mezuzot, menorahs and torah plates.

     Today  Netafim 55 specializes in a unique selection of handworker items, some preserving the techniques and forms of ancient treasures and other reflecting modern influences. Many are one-of-a-kind treasures made for synagogues and private collectors around the world.

     Recently, the company has added another dimension to the art of Judaica – with an innovative line of high quality wood-and-silver items. These and other Netafim 55 museum-quality pieces can be seen at their newly opened showroom at the Sapir Center in Jerusalem.

     In recognizing of its outstanding quality, Netafim 55 has been chosen by the Great Temple Institute to reconstruct the sacred utensils used in the Holly Tabernacle.